Radioddity GD-77

Installing OpenGD77


Backup the calibration

TODO: Information about backing up the calibration goes here

Install the firmware

TODO: Information about installing the firmware goes here

Update the contacts DB

  • Create a comma-separated list of all the talkgroups you prefer to talk on or listen to.
  • Insert the list on BrandMeister's Contact Export Tool. Click Run.
  • Ater a couple of minutes, the export is will complete. Click CSV to download the contacts. Save the file as export.csv.
  • Trim the csv with the following command (e.g. if on macOS):
    cat ~/Downloads/export.csv | tail -n+2 | cut -d ","  -f1,2,3 | sed 's/\"//g' > ~/Downloads/contacts.csv

TODO: Add information about importing and installing the contacts db here

Modifying the charger for better/faster charging

TODO: Information about the charger mod goes here